terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

Lotus Elise 2011


On display for the first time at the Geneva Auto Show is the 2011 Elise, which has been given a mild work-over to help keep it looking fresh. Upgrades for both the standard Elise and Elise SC include revised body work with a new rear bumper, engine cover and a more aggressive front clamshell. The new design certainly looks like the work of Lotus design boss and former Ferrari designer Donato Coco. The 2011 models will also stand out thanks to the use of LED lighting for the headlights and signal indicators.

The new aerodynamic body has resulted in a four percent reduction in drag on the car, resulting in slightly improved fuel economy. In addition, a new standard cast wheel appears for 2011 while Lotus also has a new optional forged aluminum wheel, which saves a total of 4.7 lbs over the standard cast units.

Apart from those changes the Elise and Elise SC stay pretty much unchanged, which isn’t a bad thing as they’re so fabulous to begin with. The Elise continues to be powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder making 189-hp, while the supercharged Elise SC puts out 15 percent more power for a total of 218-hp.

NOTA: Não era suposto este modelo vir equipado com motores 1600cc?


2 comentários:

Samuel Cordeiro disse...

E aí está. Parece-me ainda melhor do que nos pre-releases. Que comecem a sair as novas fornadas e as críticas, para saber se está ainda melhor dinamicamente.

Rui Coelho disse...

O Elise S vem com motor 1600 e passa a ser a entrada na gama substituindo o 1800 Toyota sem VVT-i. Mesma potência, menores consumos e menores emissões