quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009

Publicidade 1964

Para os fãs do Elan 'bébé' aqui fica um anúncio de 1964 que diz:

"Last year's introduction of the Lotus race sets was so enthusiastically received that we feel compelled to make a similar offer this season, the Mark II Set featuring the most contemporary offerings from Cheshunt.

It is comprised of one each of four popular models (1) Lotus 30 (1) Lotus 23B (1) Lotus seven American, and (1) Lotus Elan Roadster. Enthusiasts will note that the particular mix provides suitable vehicles for both over-the-road touring and genuine "Let's not dawdle about" racing. This set also affords a symmetrical balance of front and back engine layouts for undecided Indianapolis veterans.

Lotus race sets are ideally suited to the thoughtful gift-giver whose friends number among heads of state or the aristocracy of Texas. However, the busy sportsman will, be drawn by the sheer practicality of this one-stop shopping plan. One should, of course, recognize that the price of the set, is simply the sum of the individual vehicle costs, and will be quoted upon receipt of the purchaser's specifications.

The single thorn in this otherwise beautific concept is the continued shortage of Lotus Elans. The reader must understand that these cars are frequently purchased singly-and we do encourage budding Lotus collectors to consider the Elan an appropriate introduction to the cars that bear the marque of the world's champion." Share

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